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I Wish You Enough

I recently invited a number of guests to my home for a holiday season potluck lunch.  The night before, I spent the evening cleaning up to make sure that everything was presentable for my guests.  I checked that there were enough empty hangers for coats in the entranceway closet, checked that the powder room had enough toilet paper, tissues and guest towels, and most importantly that I prepared enough soup for number of expected guests at the potluck.

I awoke the next morning with the excitement of hosting a get together in my home and quickly checked e-mails and Facebook for messages before setting things up.  There was one message after another….

“Sorry.  I had a change of plans and can’t make it.”

“My daughter woke up with a fever, so I won’t be able to attend.”

“My Mom was taken to the emergency department and she needs someone to be with her.”

“I don’t have access to a vehicle today.”

“Oh my gosh, the potluck is today?  I completely forgot.”

I rechecked my guest list and realized that only one person was still confirmed to attend.  Despite this, I showered and got dressed up in my holiday outfit, just as though everyone were attending.  My guest arrived a few minutes late and said “Do I have the right date?”  I laughed, told her of the other cancellations, and responded that at least we’ll have enough to eat.

We had a delightful visit, sharing stories from our past and deepening our connection to one another.  After our potluck lunch for two, my guest gave me a big, warm hug and thanked me for my time spent with her.  I felt very blessed to have spent the time with her as well, for I believe that we never seem to have enough time to give someone our undivided attention.  Spending time in this way is one of the nicest gifts you can ever hope to give and receive.

With the holidays just around the corner, I wish you enough good weather to allow you to travel to visit family and friends, enough time to share your love and laughter with your loved ones, enough good food to be passed around the table, and enough rest and sleep to see through this busy time of year.  For the holiday season and beyond, I simply wish you enough.

Please take a few moments to watch this video.

One last thought:  If you feel that you have enough material things in your life and are looking to give gifts from the heart, I encourage you to click here for some unique gift giving ideas that will impact many generations to come.

Happy Holidays,

With love and gratitude,


2 Responses to “I Wish You Enough”

  1. Paulette Jackson says:

    Thank you. Absolutely beautiful.

    • Dagmar says:

      You’re welcome Paulette. I hope you enjoyed your holiday season and continue to have enough for 2013!

      With love and gratitude,


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